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The Product was developed in the USA and has been through some very strict independent and laboratory testing. Scott Laboratory has performed a thorough evaluation of both Steel Seal™ and its competitors and found Steel Seal™ to be superior to all products tested. Steel Seal™ has been used successfully in 100s of 1000s of vehicles. Steel Seal has been on the market since November of 1999. It rolled out by sending 80,000 infomercial style videos to nearly every mechanic shop in the states. This was followed with advertising in Motor Age, Motor, Underhood Service, Auto Remarketing, Used Car News, Used Car Dealer and Tech Shop. The combined circulation of these magazines literally reaches nearly every shop manager, mechanic and used car dealer in the United States. The major advantage of Steel Seal is the durability of the seal. The formula creates a seal that on a molecular level is close to the various types of metals in an engine, so that the seal will expand and contract at a similar rate with the engine. This has led to excellent repair longevity.

Steel Seal™ is made of several chemicals that, when combined under the right circumstances, creates a permanent seal as strong as steel.

It certainly can work, but of course no sealer can work every time and for every problem, occasionally the holes can be too big. However, for a blown head gasket there is no sealer on the market with a higher success rate. For those times we cannot help there is a money back guarantee so you don’t have to be out of pocket any more than necessary.

Once the engine is started and reaches operating temperature, Steel Seal™ is distributed through the engine. The product is drawn into the damaged area and seals the crack with a thermo-chemical bonding action process. This is similar to that of an epoxy resin just in liquid form!

Steel Seal™ is a clear formula that contains no fibrous materials or particles that could clog engine coolant passages. You can see that for yourself just look through the bottle.

With Steel Seal™ the seal is permanent under normal operating conditions, but there is always the possibility of another leak in another part of the engine. With our guarantee, if the leak does return, we will send you additional product at no extra cost to re-dose your vehicle.

There are several good quality products on the market such as K-Seal, Holts Radweld and Seal up however they all rely on fillers unlike Steel Seal and can therefore break down. The cooling system must be flushed thoroughly with water, NOT a flushing agent.

Steel Seal™ should be kept out of reach of children. Avoid eye or skin contact. If eyes or skin become irritated with Steel Seal™, rinse with cold water immediately. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately.

Be aware when working around a hot engine. In particular, backpressure may cause coolant to be thrown out from the radiator/expansion vessel. Therefore, always wear the personal protective equipment described above, do not get your face to close when the engine is hot, and always allow the vehicle to cool completely before removing radiator cap or changing coolant etc.

  • White smoke out of the tailpipe
  • Water in the oil
  • External leaks and leaking freeze plugs
  • Overheating
  • Backpressure / Bubbling in the radiator

Any type of closed, water cooled engine can be fixed with Steel Seal, whether it’s gasoline or diesel.
We’ve fixed cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and heavy equipment.

Steel Seal™ will not seal leaks in hoses, seals, water pumps, or extremely large cracks in the head or block resulting in the vehicle not starting. If it does not run Steel Seal cannot work as it relies on temperature. Although Steel Seal™ can repair damage which results in the mixing of coolant and oil, it will not repair external oil leaks that cannot be reached through the cooling system.

  • 4 cylinder engine – 1 Bottle (4 Cylinder Kit)
  • 6 cylinder engine – 2 Bottles (6-8 Cylinder Kit)
  • 8 cylinder engine – 2 Bottles (6-8 Cylinder Kit)

For best results, as part of the pretreatment procedure the antifreeze should be drained and replaced with water.

It is also possible to carry out the treatment with a conventional’ green’ antifreeze, although we do not recommend using Steel Seal with any antifreeze labelled long-life/extended life (usually orange/pink), in which case we recommend carrying out the treatment with water only.

If there is any concern, drain the system and use with fresh, clean water. 

If the coolant was fresh and clean add Steel Seal, if dirty, flush it first.

If carrying out the treatment with water only, if the coolant is clean you can retain this to reuse after the repair has been made.

Steel Seal™ will not fix oil leaks, only coolant related leaks on the head gasket.
Nothing stops head gasket oil leaks but replacing it.